Primex is a long-standing, authorized manufacturer of premium quality retreaded tires for trucks under the Cold Retreading method, with materials and technology of Marangoni Retreading Systems Germany.

Developed jointly with European specialists, the production line meets all the modern requirements for tire retreading. The technological process is fully automated. Retreaded tires range from 17.5 to 24.5 inches.

We control the quality of the retreaded tires in accordance with all European requirements. The visual incoming control of the carcasses is being carried out on a latest generation machine, manufactured by the proven Mateuzzi manufacturers. Steinbichler's unique shearography system is used both for incoming control of the carcasses and then for outgoing control of the already retreaded tires, before they reach our customers.

The process is fully automated. Quality control corresponds to all requirements of the European standards, and latest generation equipment is incorporated in the production for this purpose. Primex disposes of the newest Mateuzzi – Spectra machine for the testing of incoming carcasses. 

Two methods are used for the retread process - by applying a ring or band tread. Marangoni Ringtread is the only tire recovery system that uses pre-vulcanized jointless rings. The Ringtread tread is laid on the carcass with no any strain or deformations and therefore every retreaded tire is fully comparable to a new tire. This ensures a highly efficient second life of the tire, reliability and excellent operation features.



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